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How Do You Measure A Dog Door?

Choosing the right size for your dog door is vital for your pet’s health. The golden rule for you to measure a dog door is to select a size that clears the back of the tallest pet by 1.5-2.0 inches and is sufficiently low to the ground in order for easy stepping through.

It is imperative that the dog door you buy matches both your door structure and your pet to make sure that your dog easily finds a safe way to go outside. Give you dog the freedom to come in and out of your house by the help of  pet door installation specialists.

Measuring Your Door

Dog doors are not available in such a way that one-size-fits-all, as the door has no standard size. The first step is to measure the opening of the door from top to bottom on the door track inside. From this, you will get the precise height of your dog door that your opening can accommodate, and this measurement will help you choose a dog door with an adjustable range of height fitting into your dimensions.

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The rise denotes the bottom height of the dog door and your dog has to step over this to go outside. Certain dog doors have an adjustable rise, others do not. Hence, you have to verify this dimension on the unit you are thinking about with regard to how tall the legs of your dog are and how easily they can step over it without having to strain.

Measure Your Dog

The next step is to measure the dog to ensure it will fit easily through the opening of the flap. Get the measurement of the height of your pet from the floor to its shoulders. This will help you determine how high the top of the dog door flap from the ground so that your dog doesn’t have to crawl through it. Besides, get the measurement of the width of your dog’s body to ensure it doesn’t have to squeeze through the entry.