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Reasons why Robots Can’t Replace the Human Security Guards Now

We have already seen robot newsreaders to salespersons and restaurant waitresses. However, robot security professionals are hard to see, as it is not that easy for a programmed robot to replace a functional security guard.

Technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning are evolving fast, but your business security officers may not be replaced by robots anytime soon.

We often think that robots we may get are as characters of the Star Wars movies like superhuman humanoids. Some basic surveillance robots can be seen at the malls and other public spaces at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth etc.

However, for many reasons robots cannot fully replace the human security guards.

It is humans who build robots and write programs for them

People with programming skills write the algorithms for the humanoid robots, no matter who sophisticated and self-learning they are.

So, the primary objective of robots is to solve problems and execute actions which they are allowed. Contrary to the general belief based on deep learning and artificial intelligence, robots are not able to think of themselves.

They are not still equipped with generalised intelligence like human security guards in terms of solving specific problems.
Security guards need to do a lot more than patrolling

There are many instances where security guards need to use their intuitions or gut instincts. Till date, machines were not able to replicate the same complex emotions of a human being to replicate this approach.

Sometimes, in a totally strange scenario, a guard have to make a quick decision just based on that ‘feel’, which is never possible by a robot.

Limited capabilities

In terms of running after a perpetrator or squeezing themselves through small spaces, robots still have limitations. They may also fail to make a judgment call or to arrest people real time.

So, when it comes to functioning as a security guard, robots’ capabilities are largely limited.

Above all, a robot cannot give you any explanations if they make a mistake and on the other hand, a human guard may need to explain why a mistake happened and stay more accountable to their work.