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Lucrative Benefits Of Investing In A Responsive Web Design

Today for every company it is crucial to create a website with a responsive web design, i.e. a website that loads flawlessly on any size of the screen. The reason is more and more people browse the Internet with mobile phones instead of laptops or desktop computers.

Mobile has become the heart of daily life as well as business. Most people across the world boast smartphones, and consequently, mobile traffic contains most of the traffic. Google as well as other search engines prefer the websites that have responsive web designs. Apart from this advantage of a responsive web design, the lucrative benefits of investing in a responsive web design comprise the following.

Cost effective

It is very cost effective to have a responsive web design. This becomes truer when you compare with creating one web version for mobile and another for laptop. Creating two web versions has become a thing of the past. A responsive web design readjusts itself to fit any screen size on which it is viewed.

Improved web traffic

It has been shown that roughly 60% of the online usage is made through mobile devices, comprising both smartphones and tablets. Websites with mobile friendly designs are given preference by search engines like Google. So if you have a responsive website, you will get traffic from different channels and your customers will be able to log on to your website on any device.

Enhanced efficiency

A responsive web design can load quicker on a mobile device. This is critical if you consider the fact that most people leave your website when it takes more than 5 seconds to load up. A responsive website code has an optimized speed. To get more information visit here.

These are merely a few of the benefits you can get from a responsive web design. Many more benefits will be available to you if you have a responsive website. But you need enough preparation and an understanding of the market trends. Investing in a responsive website will pay you exponentially.